About Us

Supreme Alliance is a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor specializing in financial solutions for our customers.

For our clients, Supreme Alliance offers mutual funds and variable investment products as well as financial planning and managed account opportunities. The primary objective of Supreme Alliance is to provide products and services best suited to assist our customers’ efforts to attain their investment objectives and to help them address their short and long-term financial needs.

For our representatives and advisor representatives, Supreme Alliance is committed to providing an insurance-friendly platform that is attainable and affordable for investment professionals of varying backgrounds and experience. We will handle most of the heavy-lifting for your Assets Under Management (AUM) and provides strong support. Seize the opportunity to expand your services to clients and your sales by obtaining the Series 65 license. We can help pave the way to a less stressful you.

To foster a culture of caring and responsive service in an environment that attracts and retains financial entrepreneurs supported by an experienced home office staff dedicated to their success.

Our Goal

To be the broker/dealer of choice for successful independent financial advisors and the last firm they will ever need.

Our Core Values

These are the values that distinguish Supreme Alliance and form the foundation of our culture:

Professionalism: We value integrity and are committed to the highest ethical standards.

People: We believe that our employees/advisors are our most valuable assets, essential participants who share responsibility in fulfilling our objective and enjoying our success.

Performance: We acknowledge that the quality, motivation, and accomplishments of our home office employees and our advisors are the key ingredients in achieving our combined success.

Problem Solving Perspective: We strive to be a creative problem solving organization, resourceful and intelligent, guided by common sense and consideration for one another.

Meaning of Independent

Partner in your Objectives

The independent Broker/Dealer marketplace is crowded and often confusing as to what is meant by “Independent”. At Supreme Alliance we are a true independent Broker/Dealer. For example we require E&O Insurance but do not dictate where you purchase it and we do not sell you expensive marked up E&O policy to make a profit.

Meaning of Independent

Always Available When You Need Us, Leave You Alone When You Don't
Your Broker/Dealer is your full service resource center to assist you with questions, issues and anything that may arise in your business. We will not be a source of constant marketing pitches, overbearing compliance and other requests you have no interest in. Supreme Alliance feels that by offering wide variety of products; good service, dependable accessibility, common sense, efficient technology, we are what a true partner should be.

A Home Office that Knows You and Your Business
Do you know the people you are talking with when you call your current Broker/Dealer? Do they know you? At Supreme Alliance we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with all of our advisors. Our team is always available for our advisors and their staff. We believe that our employees/advisors are our most valuable assets, essential participants who share responsibility in fulfilling our objective and enjoying our success.

True Independence
In an environment where small to mid-sized Broker/Dealers are either shutting their doors or being acquired by larger, typically corporate parent owned firms there is still a great demand by advisors for a reliable, privately held, truly independent choice. Supreme Alliance is one of those choices: a privately held uniquely independent Broker/Dealer destination.